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Brenda’s Learning Project -Final post – December 8, 2021 -EC & I 831

Pathway to lifelong learning For EC & I 831, my digital learning project’s goal was creating Spoken Word poetry. My desire to learn to write poetry was enmeshed with my desire to communicate ideas with the potential to transform or make people stop, think, and feel. My poetry writing project focused on Spoken Word poemsContinue reading “Brenda’s Learning Project -Final post – December 8, 2021 -EC & I 831”

A Sharper Vision

By Brenda Ives I completed the Coursera Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop. The last assignment was revising one of my draft poems for peer review. Putting all that I learned about sound, rhyme, rhythm, enjambment, metaphor and imagery to give the poem greater punch. I also applied the suggestions from peer reviews. The poem IContinue reading “A Sharper Vision”

Brenda’s Summary of Learning

Here is the link to my summary of learning video presentation for EC& I 831. The Four Commonplaces of Curriculum This course was definitely an immersive experience– understanding AND participating in social media  for teaching and learning. While most of the teachers in the class immediately dove in with great abandon, I was more likeContinue reading “Brenda’s Summary of Learning”

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