Social Media and Open Education

Clickety Click -9/6/2021

So I am freaking out! I am definitely vacillate between being overwhelmed and terrified by this course – Social Media and Open Education and being proud at my accomplishment in the very basic baby steps. My motto will be: ” A mistake is an opportunity to learn” even though fixing mistakes or getting lost in unfamiliar territory is so time consuming. Positive self talk: “You got this. It may take you 3 times as long to learn but you will eventually figure it out. Think of the worlds you will be able to explore!” I am annoyed by lots of clicking and passwords. I am frustrated by my lack of skill and knowledge of the lingo. I am overwhelmed by the infinite apps to communicate in social media. I am nervous about participating and responding intelligently and in a timely manner, keeping up the fast pace of social media. But….I am excited that I will be able to create a learning project through open education.

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